How to Set Up A Customer Card in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Written by Ashley Brown 03/28/19

Setting up a Customer

Customers are the source of your income. You must register each customer you sell to as a customer card. Customer cards hold the information that is required to sell products or services. Before new Customers can be registered, various fields must be set up that are selected from when filling out Customer cards. When all the required master data is created, additional configuration can be performed, such as listing items that the Customer and other Customers can purchase.

The Customer card contains five fast tabs General, Address & Contact, Invoicing, Payments, and Receiving.

Key Fields that you should be aware of : (mandatory)

General Fast Tab

  1. No – After setting up the no. series in setup, this number gets auto generated on incremental basis once you clicked on “New”
  2. Name – This field is used to define the legal name of this Customer.
  3. Balance Due – Clicking on the amount, will open up a list page and display all of the open invoices.
  4. Blocked – This option allows you to block the particular transaction or all transaction for the specific Customer, either payment/Shipment can be blocked or all transactions.
  5. Sales Person Code – The person who is responsible for communication related to sale with the specific Customer.

Address & Contact

  • Address – in this option user can define the postal address of the Customer. This is a mandatory field
  • Email – Customer email address facilitates delivery of sales invoices, statements directly to customer


  • Gen. Posting Group – User can define the Posting Groups as per the geographical presence of the Customer if at all needs geographical purchase ledgers i.e. Domestic, European, Foreign, Intercompany etc. mandatory field
  • Customer Posting Group – User can define the Customer posting groups same way as Gen. Posting groups to segregate the payable ledgers as per geographical presence of Customer. Mandatory Field


  • Payment terms code – User can define the payment terms finalized with each Customer and can specify them in this field such as 30D- 30 days, 15D- 15 Days etc.
  • Payment method code –User can specify the method generally followed by the organization to pay the specific Customer. E.g. Check, NEFT, RTGS etc.
  • Preferred Bank Account – Specifies the Customer Bank account which will be used by default when we process refunds to the customer and direct debit collections.

Data is getting saved automatically as a feature of NAV

If you are creating many Customers and want to ensure consistency in the setup, you may wish to create a Customer template which can be used as the basis for all Customer creations.

Customers can be created using a template or from scratch. The following shows both methods

1.1  Customer Creation using template in easy steps

Step 1 :

To create a new Customer card, choose Customers on the homepage or select the light bulb and type in Customers.

Step 2 – Open Customer List Page

Step 3 – Select the Customer Template that you want to copy for creating this new Customers

Text Box: The system will ask for template, you need to select the corresponding template from the list and click on OK

 Step 4 – Complete the key fields in each fast tab

Text Box: In the Address fast tab, you can enter the Address, Zip Code, Country Code etc.
Text Box: In Invoicing Tab, you can enter the posting groups
Text Box: In the payments and shipping tab, you can select the appropriate Payment Terms for Customer, & if shipment would happen from a fixed location user enter this in Location from List

1.2 Customer Creation without using template.

To create the customer master without the template follow the below steps:

Step 1:

To create a new Customer card, choose Customers on the homepage or select the light bulb and type in Customers




Step 2 – Open Customer List Page

Text Box: The Customer list page get displayed, to add new customer click on “New” option as shown

Step 3: Start Creation of customer record

Text Box: To create the customer master, click on Customer option and then click on New, this page will get displayed. Enter the Customer name as No. is auto generated.

Step 4 : Complete the entry of the customer master

Text Box: In this tab, you can enter the key fields in the Address fast Tab
Text Box: In invoicing tab, You can select  Gen. Business Posting Group and Customer Posting Group
Text Box: Similarly, user shall enter the Customer posting group as mandatory from the list
Text Box: Select the Location code if dispatch location is fixed for the customer and select the shipment method code.
Text Box: In payment fast Tab , user shall select the Payment Terms Code as mandatory field.

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