Unveiling of Our New Customized Awards Case

Written by Ashley Brown 03/10/20

We had a really special morning at Kopis at the unveiling of our new customized Awards Case, handcrafted by Kopis employee and talented woodworker, David Friedline. We were running out of places to put our awards (a problem we are so thankful to have) and we wanted an appropriate place to put them to show our appreciation.  Our leadership team decided it was time for a proper display case, and instead of simply purchasing one, they decided it would mean a lot more to the team if the case was made by one of us. Immediately, David came to mind as the man for the job and he did not disappoint. 

David wanted what he built to be more than just another ordinary display case, so he gave himself a challenge to incorporate a bit of the Kopis personality into the piece.  It took him a little while to settle on a design, but he had been wanting to try a River Table for a while.  He thought it would look great in the office, so he finally had an excuse to learn a new technique.

David describes the piece as “modern/contemporary with a rustic feel”. This reflects our (Kopis’) innovative thinking but also highlights our accomplished employees.  Thought went into every aspect of this piece from the type of wood, to the pipe legs, to the waterfall edges. The main wood is Ambrosia Maple from a single tree, showing our unity as a team.  David “thought that the colors and tone of the wood would be inviting, fit into the aesthetic of the office and make an impact”. The live edge he made with resin “is meant to remind us of our constant growth and maturity. The pipe legs were selected to represent the industrial aspect of our office setting. His aim was to make it feel like it belonged in the office, not just an added piece.

Both the Kopis and Vigilix logos are present on the display, but they differ in their construction. David “wanted to recreate the logo as accurately as I could, and wanted to make a statement with the Kopis logo”. The Vigilix logo is made from “Wenge (dark) Walnut (brown) and Sapele (reddish/mahogany) woods.  The Kopis logo is made from maple and walnut, with accents of cherry and a central stripe of African Bloodwood to create a layered effect”. The logos were constructed of both domestic and exotic woods to show our diversity, and they come together to represent our team, partners and clients collectively. 

David’s favorite parts of the piece are “the curve to match the wall, the color to match the ambiance, the blue epoxy to go with company colors.  He says, “I like it because it fits, and because it is done”. 

We are so grateful for his talent, as well as for the community who have bestowed these awards upon Kopis these past few years, and to our team members, clients and partners: because these awards are the fruit of our collective labor, and we will use this display case to remind ourselves to continually operate according to our four core values: Lead. Respect. Impact. Simplify.

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